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The Captain's Log
With Which He Means to Build a Cabin
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11th-Nov-2014 07:03 pm(no subject)
Happy Vereran's Day!
11th-Nov-2014 12:56 am - Gold
Woke up just after midnight.

Succumbing to the advent of a cold I went to bed quite early tonight, while listening to the penultimate book in the Baroque Cycle. It has been a delight to revisit this astonishing epic for many reasons, but perhaps most fascinating of all is how, like the Solomonic gold that plays a theme in the Cycle, my own memory has been like a pan held down in the stream of time; only the most precious flecks have been caught in my memory, and they shine quite brightly indeed. Yep, I think I have a fever. Time to get up and take some Advil.
My brain is dumb, but it protects me.

I have a lot of things due right now, from proposals to prop newspapers to annual reports, but can't remember all the details at the same time. You might think a calendar would help, but the act of seeing my entire schedule of deadlines and commitments laid bare before me would surely cause a cascade of collapsing quantum states that would end with me missing all the deadlines and having a panic attack.

Best not to know.

Leave some wiggle room for improvisation.

That's what I did on Saturday evening at Six Flags; we'd all gone out to swap into pullovers and my brain told me to leave and head in to office to work on items due. After all, we now have our season passes for 2015 and for this year's new Holiday in the Park event... plenty of time later to ride stuff.

Lots of opportunity for future line crushes; you know, that cute girl with the big hair you develop a crush on as you keep passing each other as the line zig zags toward the ride, yet you never manage to meet her and wouldn't know what to talk about if you did!

I'm still in the 2nd Book of The Baroque Cycle and can confirm that it's pure history porn, and that Half Cock Jack Shaftoe (and his tendency to roar off into the worst sorts of decisions, blaming it on The Imp of the Perverse, who sits atop his shoulder) is my favorite fictional character.

Read it, if you think you're smart enough ;P

8th-Sep-2014 08:15 pm - 2014 Scavenger Hunt Has Begun!!!
The list of challenges is up!

Take a look at all 14 and the (currently) 1 Bonus!!

Team sizes can be no more than 4 persons.

Be sure to send your team name and members to bootychase@piratepalooza.com

Tobbias Short & Isabella the Cruel will once again officiate this competition!

29th-May-2014 04:29 pm - Tomeditation

My morning routine of walking the garden provides a moment of welcome daily meditation. I know all the plants by their people names now. ALL of the tomatoes are well into growing their first batch. There are more than 30 on the vine right now, in various sizes. Rick is the biggest by far. The watermelons are unlikely to deliver fruit but it's fun watching them beginning to vine, and talking about my friend Sarah's "melons" on Facebook (easy there tempest_gypsy!!) ;)

My friend Lynn brought be a pack of tomato seeds from New York and a week after planting them I have 30 seedlings growing (who wants some?).

Here's one from the Cherokee tomato plant, displaying the classic heirloom billows.


21st-May-2014 02:17 pm - Coats of Many Colors
Our friend Cat just posted her "coats of many colors" to her Etsy shop, take a look!


Along with our friend Hollis I've joined my friend Lynn in sponsoring the June movie ("Breakfast at Tiffany's") in Cabbagetown's summer outdoor movie series and today Lynn and I went by the bakery of the lady who organizes the event, to pay her. Lynn and I split a cupcake named "Passionate Kiss" and I noticed a big group of trophies on the wall behind the counter - they were female figures rippling with muscles, and I realized the owner of the place must have been a competition-level body builder. I asked her about them and she explained how her cupcakes had become popular amongst the other body builders because they used no preservatives... so, despite their carefully planned meals they cheat!! (the bakery is named "Sweet Cheats")  -- she has retired due to the demand for her goodies!  I'm looking forward to being a "sponsor" for something like this and will share more info closer to the date of the event.

And then this happened a day or so ago...


tempest_gypsy I scrubbed your name from the screen grab simply because I don't know if you post that information to LJ or not, but I wanted to save this story here for posterity ;)

I can only imagine the other pirate had to have been Tommy!! LOL ;D

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